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ToeTotes Dance Bags
Cute, sassy or classy we have the styles for you.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality handmade products that are produced in Texas.

Our product line includes our Mesh Bottom ToeTote in 2 sizes as well as our fun and practical odor absorbing sachets and our line of keychains.

We are also happy to create a custom design. Select your colors, fabrics and decorations.

Mesh Bottom ToeTote

These ToeTotes combine fun fabrics with embellishments including ribbon, bows, beads, sequins and rhinestones.

  • protect all dance shoes
  • draw string handle for easy closure
  • increased breathability for airing out sweaty dance shoes
  • store toe shoes with toe pads while air drying
  • keep your dance bag organized
  • keep clothes and shoes separate
  • teaches proper shoe care
  • interior lining
  • made from cotton and durable vinyl coated polyester mesh
  • approximately size 8x12.5 inches
  • available in men's fabrics and size 8 x 13.75 inches
Three mesh bags styled for men mesh bags for women

Dance Wrap Keychain

This shoe shaped keychain provides

  • 3 in 1 functionality, wrap earbuds, ribbons or hair elastics
  • available in pink acrylic, clear acrylic and maple
  • 1 3/4 inches wide by 4 inches tall
  • 3 7/8 inch chain included
  • Informational tag included
  • customization available - add a store or studio logo
Three keychains demonstrating each of the designed functions Three keychain colors

Nutcraker Keychain - NEW

Nutcracker and Dancer Keychain

  • 1 3/4 inches wide by 4 inches tall
  • 3 7/8 inch chain included
  • Informational tag included
Nutcracker keychain

Charmed Expressions - NEW

Charmed Expressions is our new line of “choose your own” charm keychains. Dancers can build a customized keychain with charms to express their personality, share interests and celebrate achievements!

  • wood base keychain with 3 7/8 inch chain and informational tag
  • charms available in pink acrylic, clear acrylic, maple and walnut
  • choose between 6-8 charms for your display (min 4 each of each style)
  • customization available – add a store or studio logo
  • additional charm designs and customization options coming soon
  • handy tabletop display
charmed expressions keychain (with charms)

ToeTotes Sachets

A smart solution to a stinky problem.
These lavender scented, odor absorbing sachets help control odor and moisture from dance shoes. Place sachets directly in ToeTote (tag can be pinned to bag interior) or place directly in each shoe.

  • scented with natural lavender
  • made from fun fabrics
  • each sachet lasts approximately 6 months
  • approximate size is 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • absorbs odor and moisture
  • affordable price
  • free display box and sign included with first order
sachet display with saches in store on sale

Sachets are sold in assortments of 50

Standard Assortment includes a variety of colors and patterns including approx. 11-14 ballet prints

Special Packaging options available

  • Sachets can be bagged individually or matching in pairs. Sachets are bagged in a clear poly bag and tied with a satin ribbon with optional information tag.

Please download the 2019 product catalog for complete details and pricing!